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Ramses thank you for helping me get rid of a couple inches! Your program is really good and it really works!

-Betsy B. - Orlando, FL

 I thought I knew what I was doing and that I knew how to work out unitl I started training with Ramses.  Ramses pushes me to work harder and it's been very effective.  I can feel it all the way to my bones.  Now I know how to work out.
-Jimmy H. - Orlando, FL

 It wasn't until I began training with Ramses that I started to see real results.  In just a short amount of time, I noticed the changes in my body, and so did my friends!  I was able to lose weight, inches and reduce my body fat.  I started to see alot more muscle definition.  Ramses designed a program specifically to meet my needs and to not only reach my goals, but to go beyond.  Ramses always remained professional, but still made me feel so comfortable.  I would not train with anyone else.
-Dee M. - Kissimmee, FL

Thanks to Ramses, I am the leanest I've ever been.  Body fat is down to 14% and we're still working and burning some more! Thanks Ramses!!!
-Jose C. - Kissimmee, FL

 I've tried Personal Training before and each time, I never saw the results I was looking for.  I wouldn't see any changes after the first few weeks.  I would get "stuck". I started training with Ramses and I reached that same point of being "stuck".  Ramses made some changes in my workout routine when he noticed I reached this point and after that, we both saw the results we were looking for.  I srated losing more weight and lowering my body fat!
-Matt J. - Orlando, FL

 Thanks to Ramses, my body started looking like it had more shape.  I did not lose weight, but I lost a few inches and dropped a few dress sizes.  I noticed some muscle toning.  Ramses was as committed to my training as I was.  Eventhough my schedule was very busy, he motivated me to make the time to train.  Ramses always made working out fun and always made me feel very comfortable!
-Rossanna  - Orlando, FL

Ramses is very motivating.  He pushes me to work hard even when  I don't want to and it has really paid off.  Thanks man!

-Greg P. -Kissimmee, FL

 You definitely feel the difference when you work out with Ramses.  He don't play, and he don't like to waste time either! He trains to see results! There's no doubt that he wants to see you reach your goals!
-Anthony C. - Orlando, FL


 Thank you Ramses.  I have finally met my fitness goal.  Although I have worked with other trainers in the past none has been able to help me reach my goal.  I really appreciate the attention you pay to assuring that our hard work has the results that I wanted.  In only 8 months working with you I have sculpted every muscle and look better than I have in ten years.  Your encouragement is really what makes the difference.
-Judy B. -  Orlando, FL

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Thank you all for your support !

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